Services available

Dog walking or comfort call visits
This can be a regular arrangement or just on-a-need basis. Your dog’s care will be tailored to you and your dog’s individual needs. They can be walked on their own or as part of a small doggy social group. We can visit several times a day to feed, administer medications and of course give your dog the attention and play it needs.

Home boarding/ Doggy Day Care

Your dog can come to stay with us in our family home. They will be part of our family and will receive regular walks, general grooming, care and lots of play.
(We are licenced for home boarding by Stockton Borough Council)

We always arrange a "sniff & greet" before we take any new boarder or daycare

We do not take unneutered dogs or unspayed bitches.

Puppy calls/training
Puppies need to be checked on a regular basis; this is to aid their social skills but also to speed up the process of toilet training. 

Cat care calls

Your cat can stay in your own home while you are away. Your cat's care will be tailored to you and your cat’s individual needs. We can visit several times a day to feed, administer medications, clean litter trays and of course give your cat the attention it needs.

Small animals
Your small pet can either stay at your home in their own cage and we can visit them there to perform their general care or they can come and stay with us and be boarded in their own cage/ basket at our home.

Pet taxi service

If you and your pet need transport to areas around the Teesside area, I am able to transport you in my vehicle.

e.g.  Vets appointments or grooming services.

Extra services available if we are visiting your home for pet care.

We can also move your post, open & close your curtains, switch lights on or off and even water your plants if required.